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Fsa Delay Report Looking Into Banksters At R B S

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FSA delays RBS inquiry as new evidence emerges
Publication of the Financial Service Authority's highly-anticipated report on Royal Bank of Scotland has been delayed by a month as doubts increase over the thoroughness of the regulator's investigation into the bank's collapse in late 2008.../
Of the more than 20 individuals interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph, including several current and former RBS managers, many have not been contacted by the FSA as part of its more than year long investigation, despite their intimate knowledge of how the bank had been run.
The Sunday Telegraph understands that former RBS chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin was only interviewed once by FSA officials and that the questioning was on broad issues and not the specifics of the bank's failure.
............ :angry:

Perhaps we can wave goodbye to the RBS crew and pay for their air tickets (cheapest ones) to Hong Kong.

What a thoroughly despicable and corrupt crew these banksters are and how sad that the FSA appear to have been ready to release a whitewash report.

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After James Crosby, [the former boss of HBOS] was knighted by Brown, for services to banking, he was put in charge of the FSA.

Until it was discovered that HBOS were facing bankruptcy. And according to insiders at HBOS, [whistleblowers,] Up to 80% of HBOS mortgage loans made, whilst Crosby was in charge were fraudulent. Crosby was king of the 'liar loans'.

[HBOS mortgage book was quickly sold onto lloyds, over drinks with Brown. So lloyds now own over 33% of the UK's mortgages]

So Crosby had to step down from the FSA. [The FSA had previously cleared HBOS of any culpability. Or wrongdoing. Unbelievable]

It wasn't apparently proper for the FSA to challenge banks on whether they should be growing so fast in the mortgage market, or loading themselves up with collateralised debt obligations manufactured from toxic subprime loans, or funding themselves to an ever-increasing extent from the sale of mortgage-backed securities.

The Bank bailouts then "privatised profits and socialised losses" of BTL speculators, [Debtors] who continue to benefit from profits, by not taking any losses, and by pushing those losses onto society at large via the government.

So FTB'ers money is being stolen, by our government, to pay to keep the banks assets, or other peoples houses, massively overinflated, ensuring FTB'ers can never afford their own house.

We know it was undisputed fraud behind the manipulation of rising house prices. [And that people like Crosby have dissapeared into the shadows with over a £10m pension pot]

But without the bank bailouts, house prices would have crashed by over 50% And returned to their long term median affordability.

Instead, we are not in a free market, and the Banks and government, are trying to transfer this debt onto FTB'ers.

Thats just theft isnt it? [We are facing a lifetime of debt slavery because of these people]

There will be over 2 million people priced out of housing by 2015. The next GE. We have been forced to waste tens upon tens of thousands in rent already paying for someone else's retirement and mortgage. We are working for nothing. No capital.

Enough is enough.

Wouldnt a fairer democratic balance be that house prices return to 3x salary?

I think its about time some of us started to target some of those who were responsible. ...........

Because if we dont, obviously no-one else will. [Yet it is us who have been most detrimentally affected by their theft incompetence, fraud, and greed.]

New Labour and Bankers = economic fascists.

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One of the comments from the piece

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the RBS logo looks like a cat's anus?

So much anger, so little chance of a proper outcome. Another nail in the FSA's already closed coffin?

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