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As I wish to spend (eventually) getting on for 1/2 million, I want Value For Money (VFM).

To this end, I suggest a red hot negotiator that (given the key facts) can secure a property for X, and get an EA to open it's bowels. The negotiator can be retained on a fixed fee, or percentage, or whatever is beneath a line in the sand. There is a huge difference between a good and excellent negotiator. A couple of grand spent, and a vendor realising the wind direction is worth it. It only takes a little % to make a huge difference, and it is very easy for the negotiator to spot a tawt...........

It maybe that this is the norm. in other countries, but is about time that the average half wit in EA offices have loose bowels, and learn to sell to a market, rather than just take up valuable space.

Can you please suggest does such a fish exist?

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Is that a gang sign Phil's displaying?

Maybe he is secretly on the right side, getting paid to ramp property while hinting "house prices are going this way!" the face says it all too.

As for krusty, well to get that grin i imagine they glued a couple of pork pies to the top of the camera like you show a child a toy

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