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Another British Car Manufacturer Goes Under

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Bristol Cars, famous for its exclusive, hand-built luxury cars, has gone into administration.
Tom MacLennan and Trevor Binyon of RSM Tenon have been appointed to handle the administration, and aim to find buyers for Bristol who could keep it running as a going concern. It is reported that 22 redundancies have been made.

Apart from the symbolic blow it will not dent the economy much. Pity the 22 skilled mooshes who will have to work for the Chinese or Indians now.

What's left? Morgan, Noble....? :blink:

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With price for the fighter in the range of £200k people have turned to more durable assets as the recovery in housing market was reported. At the end you can not loose your brick and mortart investment in a crash with uninsured driver (at least the odds are very in your favour)

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As I said in my thread on this subject yesterday, it's sad to see Bristol cars go. But while their 'Blenheim' car might have been beautifully hand-crafted, its automotive technology was contemporary with the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud of the late 1950's, clad in bodywork with 1970's styling. Bristol's customer base has probably died off - literally.

Bristol cars weren't entirely British anyway. Since the late 1960's they've used Chrysler power packs - V8 engines and auto transmissions. The Fighter has a Chrysler engine too - a V10 from the Viper. Previously Bristol did build their own 6-cylinder engine but even that was a BMW design acquired as war reparations.

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Last I looked they were still like a 1960's princess 4 litre. No market for them like that.

The Series 6 looks not only dated but 'orrible as well. The Fighter has a kind of 1960s (yet modern) look that is quite nice.

It has rarely released any sales figures and consistently denied the media opportunities to test drive its cars.


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