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Goldman's Blood-Sucking Leeches Model, Money Multipliers, Macroeconomic Dark Ages, The Taylor Rule, And Nonsense From Trichet

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Dark Ages Indeed

I am wondering "How many times does an economic model have to be discredited before it is discarded?"

This idea that government spending can stimulate the economy is total nonsense. If it worked, we would see something more than 2.8% economic growth for a deficit of $1.4 trillion dollars.

The Fed purchasing Trillions of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds did nothing for housing, nor did several rounds of housing tax credits.

Government spending accounts for an ever-increasing share of GDP. Moreover, the only reason GDP is up at all is that by definition, government spending adds to GDP. The multiplier is actually negative. It takes an increasing amount of "stimulus" spending just to say in the same spot.


Why Model at All?

There are no control studies because it is impossible to do them.

The real world is constantly changing, while mathematical models, Goldman's and Taylor's alike sit there as unmeasurable economic gibberish, when every component is subject to measurement errors and debate about what needs to be measured in the first place.

End the Fed

The free market could not possibly have done a worse job in setting interest rates than the perpetual chasing-their-own-tail central bank tactics that continually create boom-bust bubbles of ever-increasing amplitude in both directions.

If central bankers knew where interest rates should be we would not be in this mess, or at least the mess would be smaller. For further discussion about what the Fed does and does not know, I strongly encourage you to read the Fed Uncertainty Principle.

Ironically, the one thing the Fed never mentions and the ECB seldom mentions is money supply.

Here's the deal: Inflation is a direct result of the cheapening of money. Strike that, inflation IS the cheapening of money and central bank policy in conjunction with fractional reserve lending is the cause.

Central bankers do not talk about such things because they are at the root of the problem.

The solution of course is to not only get rid of the Taylor rule, but to get rid of the Fed, the ECB, and central bankers around the globe.

There's much more at the link, it's a long read but well worth it.

Getting rid of the central bankers, a wonderful joyous idea.

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