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£3.5M In 12 Months ... Should Sheffield Council Be Spending Millions On Advisors?

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SHEFFIELD Council spent almost £3.5 million on consultants in just 12 months - including temporary staff on six-figure salaries The Star can reveal today.

Among the appointments has been a director to oversee the council’s Customer First Programme, who was paid £131,000 for the 10 months from last April to this January - equivalent to a £157,000 salary.

The Customer First project includes setting up a single number telephone line for council services, and greater use of IT to improve efficiency.

Meanwhile, Paul Firth was paid £116,000 for nine months between last April and December - equivalent to £154,000 annually - to be interim chief executive of the taxpayer-funded development agency Creative Sheffield. He has now left the post.

The revelations come after the council announced it is to make £84 million of cuts, including axing jobs and reducing services.

Prime Minister David Cameron - who is paid £142,500 a year - earns proportionally less.

West Yorkshire-based training company Exemplas was the council’s most expensive consultant in 2010/11 - paid £153,754 to provide advice on ethnicity, disability and diversity to city businesses.

Other spending included £80,000 on a PR firm to promote an environmental campaign, £72,000 to promote Sheffield as part of England’s failed 2018 World Cup bid, and £74,000 a year on a consultant to advise on rebuilding secondary schools.

Council bosses said spending on some consultants for temporary roles was necessary - but said the authority has now reduced the bill significantly.

In the 12 months from October 2008 to September 2009, the bill was £4.42 million. That was reduced by 21.5 per cent to £3.47 million for October 2009 to September last year.

Lovely jubbly and I wonder what overall benefit these people have bought to the council tax payers of Sheffield?

Good to see the most expensive one was all on diversity, I bet productivity has gone up because of that advice.....

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it's when reading things like this that I realise I have been mugged:


<h2>Exemplas - realising potential

Exemplas is a non-profit distribution organisation with offices in Hatfield and London. We have a vast and deep fund of expertise in a range of disciplines that enhance performance and influence success. These include corporate development, leadership, skills and training, change management, enterprise, diversity and many more.

http://www.exemplas.com/upload/brochures/Bro-ExCorp.pdf' rel="external nofollow">

What do we do?

For many years Exemplas has been assessing the needs of thousands of private, public and community organisations – both in the UK and overseas – and meeting them with tailored solutions. We only take on projects where we are sure we can add value, and we measure our success by the results we achieve.

We jointly run Business Link East of England and Business Link for Yorkshire.

We successfully deliver a number of other public contracts, for bodies such as Jobcentre Plus, regional development agencies and local authorities.

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Yet more public sector managers flattering themselves with luxuries and expense more suited to hugely successful private sector ventures.

They are beneath contempt.

Edit: If I were PM, I my first action would be to ban procurement from all companies with a stupid management-speak ars*hole sounding name like Exemplas or anything ending in an A. Double venom if it starts with an A and ends in an A.

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