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Come On, It's Been Ages

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Edit: Bah! Moved without a trace! Miseries!

**snigger** - this site has long been a parody of itself.

all the nosh on the mainboard and yet a post pointing out a not insignificant milestone is shunted off ASAP.

$1430+ - that's a record isn't it?

where is RB - still becoming "bearish on gold is he"?

what a twunt :lol:

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Just out of curiosity, why does everyone on here consider the price of gold (& silver) in USD?

We're all UK citizens I assume so why consider the value in USD? I only ever check the values in £terling as that's all i'll ever buy / sell in.

In USD gold is only back to where it was in late Nov 2010, In £sterling it's still way of it's peak - what's the significance / fascination with the $ price?

Edit - I also notice that the price of silver in usd & £ has pretty much tracked eachother over the past 6 months, whereas gold has massive usd / £ fluctuatons over the same period; anyone kind to explain this to me (in simple terms!).

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where is RB - still becoming "bearish on gold is he"?

what a twunt :lol:

No, if/when it busts $3000 he will claim to have gone 'all in' at $300 and be doing really well, and be intending to sell some to buy custom Les Pauls and more of his beloved Swissies and other deluded crap. This is the guy who claims he sold a load of Gold coins on the very day Gold peaked in the 80s.

I think he is in an institution, TBH.

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