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Ownership Vs Renting Excel Model

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Assuming this file attaches correctly here is a spreadsheet I have been working on that tries to provide a purely financial analysis on whether to Rent or Buy.

Basically anything that is light blue requires the user to put in a figure. The results section churns out payments and costs etc. and includes some discounting against predicted inflation.

Could do with some feedback on how easy it is to use and understand, need to really knock up some instructions.

Its getting a little out of hand in that I am perhaps trying to take too many possibilities and factors into account, but as its the biggest investment that one makes in life, one really needs something bigger than can be worked out on the back of a fag packet. One complexity I am trying to get my head around is discounting for inflation to give accurate present values. This is not fully incorporated yet and tested, its a bit of a headache and as the sheet gets bigger Im seeing more trees and less wood.

There are also six possible scenarios, that could do with some realistic data. All this really is is that % rate f change for various inflation figures, returns and interest rates. The data is in the hidden "inputs" sheet and is the yellow coloured cells. Ive only created one half baked sceanrio so far

Would like to include an extra sheet that would provide a full cash flow of payments etc over the course and maybe inputs for overpayments etc. However its taken me long enough to get this far, I think by the time its finished houses would have dropped by 30% and no one will be interested in taking on mortgages!




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