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Was in town yesterday and happened upon George Street with all it's psuedo-rich walking about flaunting their stuff. Popped into ESPC with the girlfriend as had never been there before - crikey, they don't half make it out like Starbucks! An eating area as you come in followed by a plethora of boards with all recent properties up for sale. Then the helpdesk assistants and downstairs the offices.

I overheard one of the ladies helping out three other (posh-looking) ladies, mentioning the rental aspects of a particular flat in the centre which was going to cost them in excess of £300k! Those women at the desks caked in makeup and looking down their noses, made me feel ill. I couldn't help but speak rather loudly about the disconnect between prices and reality, and how I'd take nothing without a 10% discount at least (the prices in geenral really were/always have been absurd) :D I also stopped to wonder if any other fellow HPCers were in-store...

Had another long chat with the girlfriend about how, if possible, she could just keep her flat that is paid off.... and with my career we could just rent around the world, see some amazing sights and could always come back to that base if we ever needed to. I just refuse to pay those prices and to be shakled down; there's more to life.

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