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I have a friend who lives in one and speaks very highly of it. He isn't allowed to live in it all year, he has to have January and February away but this is so he doesn't have to pay Council Tax, he spends those two months staying with friends in South Africa so that pays his and his wife's air fares.

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99.99% of the time:

You will not own the land, you will have a license to occupy. You will pay a site rent of £2-3k/year.

You will need to be aware there is a difference between a holiday park home and a residential park home.

With a holiday park home you cannot live in it - most sites will be closed for 1-2 months of the year (with electricity/water shut off) and even if not then they might require you to move out every 21-28 days for 3 days as proof you're not living in it.

There are greater protections in residential park homes to holiday park homes about being asked to leave.

Most holiday park homes have a 10-20 year license, then they have to be removed entirely form the site - and are therefore worthless.

Most residential homes now just need to be kept tidy; there is still a chance the owner will say it's tatty and to remove it. You can not usually then just replace it with another, but would have to buy a brand new one (much bucks) from the site owner.

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It's worth researching the subject.

You could start with the record of the debate in the House of Commons on 16th December 2010 on the Hansard website http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmhansrd/cm101216/debtext/101216-0002.htm

Grant Shapps is currently proposing some changes


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