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Bernanke, You Stupid *******

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It is seriously ******ed up.

Solving a gigantic debt problem with even more gigantic debt was never going to work. Add to that all the fraud and the failure of any politician to act with any integrity and we have a complete global ****** up.

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He is one of the lucky few, no matter how much he messes up he never gets fired. I bet he's even had bonuses each year as well as a fat salary. How do I get into America and get one of these high paid chimpanzee jobs?

The banksters are all in it together. Bernanke eases quantitatively and Merv does the same with IR vigilance. The EU is in the worst shape:


Higher taxes, more spending cuts and longer working lives will be needed to prevent the country "going bankrupt", risk analyst Maplecroft warns in its annual Fiscal Risk Index. The UK ranks 10th out of 163 countries, a rise of 16 places from last year, but is considered to be in less danger than Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

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Oh, Karl.

Really should sort those daddy issues out. It's all "constitution this" and "law says that" - ever been subject to arbitary power at all?

Quite nice that it lets him spot all sorts of corrution out in the wider world though. Not quite able to see that chopper Ben is evil, not useless.

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