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Where's The Food Inflation In China?


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Thats exactly the reason a lot of Hong Kongers pay a bit more for food that has been imported from Australia

Also a complete lie. China uses industrial scale farming just like Western countries do, I doubt the single family plot farmers can even compete in terms of economies of scale.

Usually in the countryside either one parent or both parents go to the cities to find a factory job and if one stays behind they just farm food for themselves and perhaps some neighbours. Then send their children to some rubbish college so they can pretend their family is progressing through the social hierarchy.

What I hate most about China is how hard they make their children work through the education system when the best most can hope to get out of it is a low paid job- starting to sound like a similar story in Britain now. As has always been the case, the successful ones are usually people with a passion for business who have the right mindset and make their own successful businesses so I think fostering that passion would be a much better resource for parents than forcing the grinder (education/full-time job) onto their children.

As for the rice, onions/vegetables and fruit example well I'm sure cooking oil would be used to fry the vegetables unless you were a die hard health fanatic and boiled them. And if anyone was going to seriously eat such a diet they would definitely be eating other things with it like nuts,beans,mushrooms and the occasional meat meal. I personally love meat, especially beef steak (also cheap in China) and mushrooms.

Completely agree with saving since 2005 about it being more healthy than what the majority of British people eat. I was never taught by my parents how to cook and as a result having been left to 'cook' for myself since the age of 13 I spent 13-18 just eating processed food like pizzas and frozen meat etc (though frozen chicken is healthy tbh) then after seeing how bad an effect it had on my health I started teaching myself to cook real food.

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Also a complete lie. China uses industrial scale farming just like Western countries do, I doubt the single family plot farmers can even compete in terms of economies of scale.

Accept your other arguments to a point - but the fact that people do indeed avoid Chinese food in Hong Kong is not a lie, its very true that people do it. My uncle and aunt have lived in HK for about 5 years, them and most of the people they know will avoid Chinese produced food where possible.

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I once went to China. Couldn't force me to live there like a local if you tried.

I'd go as an ex-pat, with a nice salary that would let me live like the richest 1%.

The locals live like we did at the start of our industrial revolution. Not something to get moisty eyed about.... :huh:

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I pay less than 100 pounds/ month for my apartment in China, but the city I am living in is medium sized for China so it's cheaper than a big city. And my apartment is definitely not a shithole, it's very comfortable and whilst only around 45sqf it does have a large bathroom and adequate cooking facilities.


9ft by 5 ft.

can you open the door from the toilet seat if guests come knocking?

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Agreed, onions are powerful mercury celators, which means if they grow in land polluted by mercury (China burns a lot of coal which disperses tons of mercury in the environment) they will contain very high concentrations of mercury...

I did have access to a mercury vapour analyzer once and noted that even onions from major UK supermarkets contain worrying levels of mercury (garlic is even worse since it's an even more powerful mercury celator).

And yet a quick web search shows people use onions/garlic chelation ability to detoxify themselves of mercury.

If you did have access to analytical equipment you would probably know that the word is chelator (from the Greek).

Could you please supply the levels of mercury you measured in onions - "worrying levels" is opinion, not fact.

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