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Advice Please - Ending Tenancy Agreement Early

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Thanks for looking - here's the situation;

About 10 months ago I found a patch of rotted floor in my kitchen (for found read foot went through floor). Notified my landlord, and he had the problem patched. Not a great job, but my rent is very cheap so I was ok with that.

I re-signed a tenancy agreement a month ago (12 months contract), but noticed very shortly afternwards that the partition wall sat over the area of rotted floor is starting to come awayfrom the ceiling (there about a 5 mil gap above it) which I guess means that the floor is sagging in some way.

Spoke to my landlord and advised that I would not have re-signed the tenancy agreement if I'd have noticed the wall earlier as it suggests that there's something more amiss than just a rotten floorboard. Landlord was good about it and said that I can stay there as long as required up to the 12 month tenancy agreement (as he's not going to let the property again, just fix the problem and decomission the flat - it's an attic flat). But, if I wanted to move sooner then to let him know when I find a suitable place and he will call the agents and say that we've come to a private arrangement and the tenancy agreement has been teminated.

Is there anything I need to be careful about with this? Do I need to get legal paperwork to indicate that the tenancy agreement has been surrendered by both myself and my landlord, or is getting confirmation in writing sufficient?

Would appreciate any advice if people have been in this situation before.


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