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Extreme Twigging

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Honestly! It's amazing just how much influence certain cr*p TV programmes have on the collective psyche of the nation and be able to create whole new trends/fashions.

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I visited my local Nissan dealer today to have a new antenna fitted (sounds better than aerial :D )to my Almera. As I was waiting I spotted a vase with some twigs in it on the coffee table beside the magazines. It's not just house sellers at it either!

Not sure how twigs sell cars/accessories though. :huh:

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What's that object in the corner, on the right?

That looks like that recycled dress they made out of old ties on The Apprentice (forgive me for remembering that)

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Well, to be fair, they have a shop called a "Gallery". Clearly these are twig connoisseurs used to having only the finest twigs and living a twig lifestyle the rest of us can only read about in magazines... waitaminute - is that oven switched off?! There ISN'T any bread baking in the oven!! And there ISN'T any coffee brewing on the stove!! What phonies, trying to kid us they are part of twig society when all along they're just a bunch of jumped up posers!


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Remember in the 70's we had this?

The Vase ' O Twigs is the 90's-2000's version...

I wonder how long it will be before the Sun does a spread on the curse of the Vase' O Twigs? :lol:

Sheeple...have to love them ;)

no - before twigs in the 90s we had:


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