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Renting/buying And Hpi

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It seems to me we are now in a crucial phase of price correction.

Many FTBs are holding off buying till prices come down.

So they are renting/living with parents/sharing etc.

With prices still not dropping fiercely, it may still be reasonable

strategy for BTLs to maintain their present properties or even

buy more.

This seems to me a very delicate balance.

Tip it one way, just a little, and prices stay high, people keep renting.

Tilt the other and BTLs start selling - the whole thing starts to shift

towards definite price reductions.

Question is, how big a factor is this in the whole market ?

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No, because as the economy tips people will look for lodgers move back with there parents leave the country, or return to there own country, rental demand will decrease.

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Yep. Having been looking around for a place to rent lately it seems obvious that quite a few people are taking in lodgers to help pay their mortgage right now.

The reality is that there's a huge oversupply of housing in this country (be it living with parents, sharing a house, living as a lodger, etc), it's only decent affordable houses that are in short supply.

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