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In the year to November, pay growth (including bonuses) in the private sector stood at 1.9 per cent compared with 2.4 per cent in the public sector.

It would be interesting to see how they compile those figures. There is a process going on, where high paying jobs are lost, and low paying ones are created. This can lead to a workforce that leads to lower pay overall, but if you only measure the changes in pay experienced by those that continue in employment, it may seem that wages are rising.

Does anyone know if this figure includes 'wage drift'? In earlier times it worked the other way, people left jobs and moved to higher paying ones. Now I think that the movement is the other way, employers lay people off, and people have to accept a lower paid job. It used to be said that these figures underestimated increases in earnings.

And the other thing is that the minimum wage is increased by the Government each year. That forces wages to go up to an extent.

If you take these two things into account, there is probably little in the way of total wage increases for the private sector at all. Shame really, there is so much tax that needs to be paid for all those entitlements.

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Ha, reading the local free paper last night made me think of this thread.

Telesales job i did for about 9 months after leaving uni in the event of nothing else coming up are readvertising for workers to start next month.

Same employer, same job title, same hours, same place.

In Late 2006 they were paying our intake £17,000 basic, this March, theyre offering £14,500 basic. :lol:

Thats some wage inflation.

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