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Advice Needed - Good Physical Gold Supplier

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I wish to buy some physical gold to diversify.

Probably 2-5k's worth for safety just in case bird flu kicks in.

Can anyone recommend a uk based supplier that they have bought from and THEY GOT THE GOLD.



PS I don't care for gold shares etc. i want physical gold

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I would also recommend Baird. They are more user-friendly that Chard because you can get a quote straight off their website and then post your check.

Baird are also more discreet than Chard in that they don't put their name on the package, whereas Chard do.

I don't think you need worry much about any of the main dealers on line simply taking the check and running. Reputation is all, after all. I've not encountered any poster on any gold forum who'd been ripped off by either Chard or Baird. It is probably best to go there in person and collect it, in order to avoid leaving a paper trail, but the post works perfectly well too.

Get the money delivered to your work or the local post office. Do not get it delivered to your home address and NEVER tell ANYBODY you hold physical gold.

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Just looked at the weighton coin site and I note that their silver is cheaper than Chard by a good amount. Chard sells most 10oz Kookaburras at £99, while at weighton they sell at £72.

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