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Prince Andrew's Ex Koo Stark Now On Benefits

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Even an idiot knows that looking pretty is not a life-long career. Her looks were her fortune. Losing her looks was inevitable. But losing her fortune was her own stupid fault.

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Let's see if I have this right.........

She is American (born there): and she has a ba$tard child by a super-wealthy American banker.

And now she is dossing in the UK and wants to also claim our tax money to support her?

Just when will this bloody country wake up!


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I hope the UK government can recover the money she's paid now from the child's father. Typical banker, leaving the tax-payer to pick up the bill.

Not a chance in a million years. CSA and HMCS are utterly hopeless at enforcing maintenance orders.

A friend of mine is polish but lived here for several years. Her sons father is english. She has done everything by the book in terms of getting maintenance orders against however HMCS will simply not enforce them and allow every false excuse to delay enforcement.

She doesnt particularly want to come back to the UK but as our court system will not actually enforce orders they issue she will be and signing on for everything she can get.

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