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Astrologer Russell Grant's Gothic Pile.

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And here's Russell's prediction for the market, so much for his predictive abilities:


The entry of Saturn finding favour in analytical Virgo meant that anything overinflated, badly managed and worthless would be exposed. Property, the banks, MPs.

Oh, woe for us all.

Until Saturn enters Libra properly in July 2010 - Saturn at his most positive, fair, just and upstanding - everything will fall back to its true worth.

Alistair Darling's judgment was hamstrung by the planets from the word go, and instead of cutting VAT by 2.5 per cent he should have ended stamp duty until spring 2010 and got rid of HIPS (a waste of money).

Everything Darling has done has lacked originality and vision, both so necessary with Saturn's opposition to Uranus in Gordon Brown's own Pisces sign.

The only hope now is selling at fair prices and cutting down on all the extras, which will doom property to the doldrums.

Roll on spring/summer 2010 when justice and fairness will reign supreme.

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Is it this one?


Name matches the article and the picture looks similar. Can't find out if he owns it still or whether this is someone else selling it though.

Asking price £1.25 Million

[Edit : Spelling]

That's the one!

'Summer 2010, when justice and fairness will reign supreme'


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