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Between Stalybridge And Macclesfield

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Hi all,

Am new to the area and have just been offered a job in Stalybridge (Greater Manchester - Tameside) which is great news. The OH works in Macclesfield and we are now beginning to get a bit stressed trying to think where we would like to live. Have put initial feelers out Poynton (commute to Stalybridge through Stockport looks like a nightmare), Marple, Wilmslow looks reasonable on the M60, maybe cheadle hulme.........

I want:

Easy access to green spaces & doesn't feel too urban - think medium to largish town.

Not too remote (at least able to buy a pint of milk without getting in to the car)

Community feeling

Not more than 30 mins commute by car to Stalybridge which I have to use for work purposes.

OH wants:

Easy access to trains

Easy access to motorway

Ability to cycle to Macclesfield (not more than about 12 miles) if possible. Doesn't have to use car as train station in Macc.

Oh, and cheaper house prices would be a bonus as well! Wonder why we can't locate what we need?! Have max £270,000 to spend on 4 bed house, but don't really want to max out if we can help it.

Ideas gratefully recieved. We have a good few months to think about this so can take our time looking once we have a few ideas. Think maybe there's too much choice.



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Also take a look at the non-estate parts of Bramhall, although it's probably every bit as overpriced as Poynton.

Poynton is generally nice but popular, with property prices perhaps yet to return to earth properly after stratospheric rises during the boom years (I think at one point Poynton had the fastest rising property prices in the UK!), therefore property in Poynton is usually overpriced with the exception of a few sellers desperate to sell up quickly, so there may be room for some hard negotiation.

Bear in mind that certain parts of Poynton do have a "housing estate" feel to them so check your prospective neighbours carefully before signing on the dotted line, and this advice also applies to Wilmslow (some people think that Wilmslow is overrated anyway). To me personally, Cheadle Hulme is OK but lacks character compared to some of the other areas mentioned, and certain parts are affected by aircraft noise which is something else to check if that sort of thing bothers you.

Marple is at least 12 miles from Macclesfield (and hilly in places), with the same also applying to Disley and surrounding areas. The Middlewood Way that runs between Marple and Macclesfield via Higher Poynton and Bollington can be used by cyclists but that gets very muddy in places after rainfall (especially north of Bollington).

Bollington would nearly tick all the boxes except crucially for that commute to Stalybridge, because you have perhaps already discovered that Poynton and Hazel Grove can be serious traffic bottlenecks even outside of the rush hour. (There may be "rat-run" shortcuts but these will need to be investigated carefully.)

Don't forget to use all of the tools available, including the Property-Bee Toolbar for Firefox, the property valuation guide at Zoopla, crime hotspots courtesy of www.police.uk, and also check upmystreet.com especially for the neighbourhood profiles, although information relating to things such as shopping may not be totally up to date.

Also I've found that Google Street View can sometimes be misleading, so it's certainly not a substitute for actually visiting an area for yourself at different times of the day and night.

Good luck!

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Thanks mclassplanet,

Useful insight, especially the cycle path bit. We have been driving around a bit and even at the weekend you can see potential traffic problems. We have a friend who lives in Bramhall, it does seem very expensive (which is probably why they wanted to live there!), but they wouldn't live anywhere that wasn't 'nice' so will check it out on our visits. Not against living on an estate as long as it wasn't a rough council estate. Will have more of a look around and probably ask for more local knowledge nearer the time, when we think we may have found somewhere.

Exciting stuff.



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Hmm. Have been around looking. Wilmslow is a bit too far for me I think. Had a look at Bramhall which I quite liked. Looked at Heald Green and Cheadle which I didn't - no soul that I could see. Wondered about Romiley , marple (both looked quite nice) or maybe Bredbury looks like it's a good position on the map (don't know what it's like as haven't been there yet).

At the momment it's between Bramhall or Romiley in our books.

Thoughts appreciated on any of these places and the potential commute.



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You'll get far more bang for your bucks in Romiley than Bramhall, and the pubs are far better! Bramhall is your typical 'fur coat and no knickers' neighbourhood, where image is all. Romiley meanwhile, is an honest to goodness villagey suburb with all the essential amenities.

The commute to Stalybridge is a lot easier from Romiley. Over Werneth Low, through Hyde, and Bob's your uncle. Macclesfield is easy, too. Otterspool, Hazel Grove via the back road, Poynton, and straight through to Macc. I reckon Stalybridge in 20 minutes, Macc in 35.

For me, Romiley would be a no-brainer.

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Agree with all of mclassplanet's post. It's a little awkward the Macc/Staly combination - it's a while since I've done the area in rush hour but the A6 (& many connections onto it) is pure driving commute hell - horrible, horrible bottleneck.

I know what Mr Yogi means - bramhall, poynton, wilmslow - even Bollington in relation to Macc - have an element of the 'look, I can afford to live here'. Having said that, I'd prefer to live in Bramhall than Romiley/Bredbury/Marple - more going on, less like being in a time warp - but it's all about individual tastes....I clearly need to start cross-dressing and getting myself a fur coat!

For the record, I don't live in any of the mentioned places but have been looking at all of them.

Edit - I don't know if you mentioned budget, but Romiley/Bredbury/Marple are much cheaper than bramhall/poynton/wilmslow. Everyone's priorities are different but if value for money could easily push many away from those places. Look at the prices of average-looking bungalows in Higher Poynton...

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