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Ott Skylon

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I was just playing this album in the background OTT Skylon (2008) when track 7 - roflcopter played and I did a double take....

BTW, its a Dub, Downtempo, Experimental, ambient-ish album, so I did not expect any lyrics but this little section was in track 7

Made me smile.

lie, cheat, deceive, connive

buy now, pay later

consolidate your loans, take more, give less

drive big, eat all you can

survival of the fattest

shock and awe

regime change

do as i say, not as i do

eye for an eye

free money if you fall over, sue the company

diminished responsibility

everything is acceptable, as.. long.... as..... house..... prices...... don't......... crash...

It's usually folk music that has such messages... never expected that an on experimental dub CD !!

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