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I am looking to buy early/mid 2007.

Do the forecasters amongst you believe the market will look so bad by then that I may change my mind and be too fearful of buying?

(Would be interesting to hear what happened to those of you who have experienced a big change of sentiment in the market and how it affected you).

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Part of the human psyche is wanting what you can't have. Its one of the reasons why people 'play hard to get' (another reason im single :P ). I can only speak in generalities but if you are like normal people (my own backspin on you, because if im not right then you are clearly not normal :) ) you will find that when you can have a house and you have loads of choice your passion for buying will wilter a little. There will no doubt be a mantra spewing out all the reasons not to buy and how housing will never recover.

I do believe that it will be hard to buy when it is the right time, you will have to go agaisnt family and friends. At the moment if you want you can keep your thoughts on a HPC all to yourself but when you move house its a little more obvious. People on this site who are contrarian may be a little better suited to go against the herd when the time is right but i do not think it will be easy.


Oh as for so bad by 2007 who knows... i have to say that cause your plugging for some reassurance in a slightly weird way :lol::)

All i do know is that it cannot last.

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im setting my stall for anytime between 2007-9.

after that, if the situation of housing costs vs wages meets the same stupidity. i'll seriously look at moving to another country and calling it a day. i cant wait forever.

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It was. Thanks.

That's alarmed me actually...about buying too early (2007?).


nah mate, from what i can gather from your posts your not after a great investment, your not overly concerned with calling the bottom exactly right. You seem to simply want a home that you can afford without having to worry to much about the mortgage payments. Your not aftera mansion way beyond your means, again you simply want something affordable which suits your and your g/f's needs.

So what i say to you is that you will probably will buy in 2007 when prices have eased off to a level you are prepared to pay, im not convinced that 2007 will be the bottom but thats ok, your not in it for the money. It will probably make the decission a little easier than doing it right at the bottom because there will be atleast a few people on the 'its ok to buy' side of the fence. Its ok being out numberd, its not so ok to be alone.

Keep mid 2007 in mind, remain a little flexable about it but tell the g/f that unless something unforseeable happens then mid 2007 it is.

As if i need to say it .... IMHO :)

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