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Article In The Mail

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essentially the massive mortage transactions that have gone through recently are people going to fixed rates.. mentions 50% now..

So that might explain the news reports about mortgage transactions..

Some V.I twaddle about there is no risk of a collapse at the end of the article..

For no reason.

But just an empty article explaining the obvious..

Strange how the economic experts saying there is a crash are old, experienced and I presume have had a mortage for so long now it makes no difference to them where house prices are.. and chances too educated to borrow against their homes..

The ones saying its fine all have a Vested Interest in it being so..

and don't forget..

Does the trusted reporter have a massive mortage and a shiny BMW he had to Mew for..?

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Even though the number of people with mortgages probably stays the same, the fact that they are remortgaging (and taking out new mortgages) presumably makes the economy look great ... due to the number of new mortgages being taken out.

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I read The Times and today's article suggested that half of the mortgage business taken up last month was re-mortgaging.


I am seeing quite a shift in the way The Times talks about the market now. They're quite sneaky actually. They don't make headlines out of it but quite often I am seeing reports which mid-paragraph will very matter-of-factly state: "the boom ended in 2004." There is no doubt that The Times is talking down the market as a place for investers to speculate.

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