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£100,000,000.00 Footy Transfer "inevitable"

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$160 Million English Soccer Transfer Inevitable, Premier League Chief Says
- Feb 4, 2011 4:40 PM GMT
Premier League Chief Executive Officer Richard Scudamore defended record spending by teams in England’s top division and said it is “inevitable” that a player will be bought for 100 million pounds ($161 million).
Chelsea and Liverpool bought four players for more than 130 million pounds in a single day to take the league’s total outlay in the midseason recruitment period to 225 million pounds, seven times the figure it was a year earlier.
The London team broke the U.K. transfer record by paying Liverpool a reported 50 million pounds for Fernando Torres. The Reds used that income to make Newcastle’s Andy Carroll the most expensive English player of all time and paid Ajax as much as 26 million euros ($35 million) for forward Luis Suarez.
“Can I see it happening in the future?” Scudamore said when asked if he thought a 100-million-pound player trade was possible. “It’s inevitable...../
‘Spending Money’
“I don’t know how we get out of the recession without spending money,” he said at the Premier League’s headquarters in London.

Obscene amounts are becoming so commonplace they are losing their shock value.

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Lionel Messi of Barcelona, currently the worlds greatest footballer, has a buy-out clause in his contract of 250,000,000 EURO (211,000,000 GBP - 340,000,000 USD).

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...if the Greeks or others can beam Saturday matches to all there could be problem with the value of TV games where most of the money is generated ...

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