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Good Reading Material On Uk Economy?

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Most books on economics that are both intended for the layman (or at least not too technical), and also strike a few nails on the head (as opposed to providing yet more jargon ridden pro-status-quo propaganda junk) tend to be written by American authors and focus mainly on the US economy.

The books that I have liked so far are:

Richard Duncan:

Dollar Crisis

Corruption of Capitalism

Peter Schiff

How an Economy grows, and Crashes!

Crash Proof 2.0

Since the US economy serves as the engine for the world economy largely due to its huge consumption and the dollars up until now status of being a global reserve currency, these books are very valuable to anyone wanting an easy to understand economical perspective.

But can aynone recommend anything similar which focuses on the economy from a British point of view?


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Whoops! By John Lancaster. It looks like it was aimed at 12 year olds but it's actually quite a readable and interesting guide to the world of quants, CDOs and MBS's, and how they got us into this mess.



Fool's Gold by Gillian Tett (of the FT)

Great insight from a respected journalist who moved amongst the big players in the financial markets for 15 years before the crash.

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If you as happy to listen to the radio as read there has been an interesting series on radio 4 on Sunday evenings on economics at 9:30 pm if I remember rightly. This had one episode comparing the thoughts of the Austrian school of economists to those of Keynes which I enjoyed.

Much mainstream media thought is all Keynesian based or like Stephanie Flanders at the BBC always written with her own pseudo-keynesian sub-plot so it was a refreshing change.

Hope it helps.

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