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Does Anyone Want To Buy My Property Portfolio?

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As seen on Twitter.


Does anyone want to buy my property portfolio I am so sick to death of tenants taking the pi$$ grrrrrr blood is boiling 

11:28am, Feb 04 from Echofon


@BeckwithEvents I know how you feel! Currently trying to resolve bond, but they don't respond to issues yet want it all back! Argh!!!

11:31am, Feb 04 from TweetDeck


@RLMDirect I want to cry today! At least it's Friday so I can console myself with wine tonight lol

1:14pm, Feb 04 from Echofon


@BeckwithEvents @rlmdirect we've just put ours over to management, too much to manage, much less stressful!

2:04pm, Feb 04 from Twitter for iPhone


@tentspitch How much % do they take?

2:06pm, Feb 04 from TweetDeck

tentspitch: @RLMDirect 7.5 but that might be due to size of portfolio? They're managing six. Can get him to call? He's a lovely man & takes no nonsense.

2:10pm, Feb 04 from Twitter for iPhone

RLMDirect: @tentspitch Does Nasser not to it?

2:11pm, Feb 04 from TweetDeck

tentspitch: @RLMDirect no. He's found us lots of tenants tho! But already agreed with our guy that he could manage it. Used him as letting agent 4 ages.

2:14pm, Feb 04 from Twitter for iPhone

RLMDirect: @tentspitch Ah! I see... need to think about it and work out whether it's viable. Did you have to sign up for a certain time?

2:15pm, Feb 04 from TweetDeck

tentspitch: @RLMDirect can't remember! Think if you can afford, esp at mo with all you have on it would be a good idea ;)

2:23pm, Feb 04 from Twitter for iPhone

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Ah bless.

It must be such a strain on those poor BTLers. Having to exploit so many people, and maintain their pwoperties, while the taxpayer ensures their asset value doesn't drop, and banks don't run out of funding causing them to impose their LTV covenants.

Some folks really have it tough.

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