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Mega Poll On Daily Mail: Are We In Recovery?

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Do you believe we're on the way to economic recovery?

Toward the bottom of the page past all the rubbish this Paper seems to focus on.

Shocked by the result? Or does it give you comfort that not everyone believes the VIs or the Koalishon?

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Just got back here.... to see what I had clicked your Mail link for.... got distracted by Jennifer Aniston's nipple vibrator.

Same here!!!

I can shake my hands quite quickly, do you think they would be a suitable alternative??

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I skipped over that one--I see that eerie person Ellen Degenerate was interviewing Jenny ("Jen" to her closest innner circle) her. The wierdest person I have yet seen on TV.

That all said--looks like the vast majority don't belive the hype.

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