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Where Do Rightmove Get Their Sold Data From?

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I wonder where rightmove get their sold data from. I ask not because I doubt the prices, but because I wonder how accurate the house descriptions are (detached, semi-detached, terrace, etc.). Looking at where I'm currently renting, we are correctly described as semi-detached. However, the house to which we are attached is described as 'detached'. Some of the others in the street which I'm pretty sure are also semi-detached are also described as detached.

Presumably errors of this sort would affect any averages done on types of property. So, does the data come from a source which is used to calculate these averages, and how common are such errors?


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I found that too. The flat below my split level maisonette has been sold twice in the last 5 years, once decribed as TERRACED and the next as a FLAT. It is however within a terrace but it should definately be listed as a flat when calculating averages per property type.

I'm sure that Rightmove use Land Registry records which is why the sold prices are always spot on.

Average house prices for each area can be misleading. The last I heard, Gerrards Cross was the most expensive area to live according to the average sale. The only reason for this is that there are very few, if any, flats. I'm sure once that once developers start building flats there the average price will drop significantly.

Another way to look at it. A detached house where I live is the same price as a detached house in Gerrards Cross, but the high number of new build flats and conversions of houses to flats has lowered the average enormously.

By the way, i'm not knocking Gerrards Cross. It is a very nice area. I hope for the sake of the people living there that developers don't start throwing blocks of flat up.

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