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Kirstie Allsopp Causes A Stir With Her Catty Comment

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KIRSTIE Allsopp found herself in hot water with her own internet fans yesterday after publicly criticising another woman’s dress sense via her Twitter page.

The Channel 4 homes presenter made a catty comment about the property and mortgage expert Melanie Bien, 37, who had earlier appeared on BBC Breakfast in a short navy dress and cardigan, displaying enviably toned legs.

But instead of praising Ms Bien, Location, Location, Location presenter Allsopp, 39, took to the social network to mock the expert’s choice of clothing, telling her more than 91,000 followers: “Finance woman on BBC breakfast clearly came directly from a night out and it’s debatable whether that’s a skirt or not – hard to take seriously.”

In fact, Ms Bien had been wearing a dress, as she later told the TV presenter as the debate became public on the social networking site.

“No, as a mother of 18-month old, no nights out and I was wearing a dress, not a skirt,” replied the highly respected Director of Communications for independent mortgage broker Private Finance.

Allsop later sheepishly replied: “It’s only fair to give right of reply!”

The aristocratic TV star certainly appeared to regret her Tweet more and more as the day wore on, writing: “For the record, I’m no saint, I do think, say and tweet mean things and I am as capable as anyone of hypocrisy, and my spelling is dodgy,”

But the damage had already been done, with many Twitter users accusing the TV star of being sexist to her own sex.


One Ms Bien supporter tweeted: “I find it really sad that women are so critical of each other re: appearance. It just wouldn’t happen with men.”

Rob Jupp, managing director of Brightstar Financial also weighed into the debate, telling Ms Bien: “Just caught the end of this and I think this is scandalous that such a comment has been made.

“You are a wonderful ambassador for us all and I saw you this morning and thought you looked great!”

Last night, Ms Bien clearly had the upper hand in the row after making herself unavailable for comment.

And while she kept a dignified silence, her track record spoke for itself.

According to her company website, she is “one of the UK’s leading personal finance commentators in print, television and radio”.

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/226804/Kirstie-Allsopp-causes-a-stir-with-her-catty-commentKirstie-Allsopp-causes-a-stir-with-her-catty-comment#ixzz1CufDMLCO

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Seems Ms All-Slop has about as much knowledge of fashion as she does of property markets........

Does eating one's hat sort of cross over the property-fashion divide?


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