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Ufo Hovers Over Jerusalem

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What always makes me laugh about UFO obsessives, is that there are some compelling arguments for there being life out there somewhere on another planet, if not now, then at times in the past and future.

And yet this same argument of an almost infinite number of stars and the restrictions of light speed also makes the likelihood of us ever seeing them completely impossible. And they are hardly likely to appear in the form of hovering, glowing pyramids or balls.

Of course we don't know the extents of what may be possible in terms of inter-dimension or universe travel, but I fail to see how these flakey spots of light people regularly see would be how inter-galactic travellers would manifest themselves to us.

There are intelligent discussions to be had around the likelihood of life on other planets, but those who see UFO's in any unexplained visual phenomena just come across as nutjobs.

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