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Who Is Going To Pay For It?

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Watching that clip about the deficit, if made into a pile of £50 notes would be 6,500 miles high.

And many MP's not knowing the difference between debt and deficit, came as a shock to me.

Shots of Tony Blair (Whom God protect, because I hope no-one else will) saying how they were going to spend three times more on this and twice as much on that than the Tories did.

Then seeing all the Labout idiots cheering wildly, made me think that we need to get the electorate to understand the implications.

At present, any daft policy put forward by a politician, will have to be paid for by at least the unborn Grand children.

Next time public sector workers grumble, we need to point out,

'Who is going to pay for it? Answer? Our great grand children.

I only wish that this phrase could become a popular saying, then at last, people might understand.

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