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Global Manufacturing Recovery Takes Off

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Manufacturing activity grew at a record pace in January and price pressures also picked up, reigniting speculation the Bank of England may have to raise interest rates sooner rather than later to tame inflation.

Earlier on Tuesday, a leading think tank said British monetary policy was too loose, and urged the government to ease back on fiscal tightening to give the BoE greater scope to control inflation without damaging the economy.

Didn't reuters read the memo, Mystic Tw@t is only interested in wages. Fook any other inflation, it's just about the wages.

Chinese manufacturing slows but prices keep rising

Activity at the country's factories fell to a five-month low of 52.9 from December's 53.9, according to the official purchasing managers' index (PMI), where a figure below 50 signals a contraction.

The bigger-than-expected drop in the index suggested Beijing's efforts to fight high inflation through interest rate increases and tighter controls on credit are weighing down on the manufacturing boom.

Nonetheless, the PMI's measure of input prices at factories kept rising, climbing from 66.7 to a steeper 69.3.

Muddying the picture, a rival PMI from HSBC contradicted the official survey's results to show activity in the sector edged just above December's 54.4 level to 54.5, while inflation in input prices actually eased.


New orders in January surged to their highest level since the early months of 2004, according to a widely-watched index of the sector released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The ISM's overall index for the month also beat expectations, climbing to 60.8 from 58.5 in December. A reading above 50 on the index shows expansion, while below 50 signals contraction.

Fuelled by a $858bn (£532bn) tax-cut package and the Fed's latest round of quantitative easing, Wall Street expects the economy to enjoy its most robust year of growth since the financial crisis. Though only accounting for about 11pc of gross domestic product, the country's manufacturing industry has so far proved one of the more consistent contributors to the recovery.

"This is consistent with the broader economy," said Gas Faucher of Moody's Analytics. "Conditions have noticeably improved in the last few months."

The joy of it all, global recovery here we come I mean what could possible go wrong?

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(Reuters) - Global manufacturing activity expanded at its weakest pace in more than a year at the end of 2014, even though factories cut their prices at the steepest rate for nine months, a business survey showed on Friday.

JPMorgan's Global Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), produced with Markit, fell to 51.6 in December from November's 51.8.


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seems in spite of things just cooling a teensy tiny bit, nobody needs any oil.

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