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Reaction To Hpi In Different Countries

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So the leaders of other big economies get jumpy went house prices start plodding up a little except in the UK???? It's a new age, it'll all be OK, etc. The RICS is now saying the only question is whether there'll be a massive revival in the house market or it'll remain flat. Can someone please explain to me why the USA panics when there are only very modest price increases in most parts of the country a)nd I vaguely recall that similar reactions have been evident in parts of Asia) but in the UK it's no worries. How can the City, the markets, etc. live with it all??????

Some idiot from the BoE thinks we're in a new age as far as house prices are concerned. The plonker also says we're getting more job security (what planet does he live on?) but then other economists praise the UK for its incredible workforce flexibility (i.e. virtually non-existent job security for most). This just makes me realise why I hated studying economics - it's a total sham.


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