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Convicted Conman, 49, Used Fake Cv To Win £165,000 Job As Top Executive Of City Bank

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A conman used a fake CV to win a £165,000-a-year job as the deputy chief executive of a City investment bank, a court heard.

Peter Gwinnell, 49, posted a CV online falsely claiming he had degrees from Oxford and Harvard, and had worked for the investment banking giant JP Morgan for 20 years.

The act was enough to convince the well-known City headhunters Connaught to put him in touch with Ahli United Bank, who were looking for a new deputy CEO.

Gwinnell played the role of senior banker so well that following an interview at Al-Ahli, he was given the job.

He continued to work there for a month, flying out to the Middle East on several occasions to meet with wealthy clients and collecting £14,500 in salary payments.

It was only when Ahli ran extra checks on him that they realised Gwinnell's entire story was a lie.

In reality, he was a convicted conman, who had served six months in prison in the 1990s.

Gwinnell was handed a 50-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months after he admitted fraud at Southwark Crown Court.

Funny I thought as conman he had all the necessary verbal skills to be an excellent banker.

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Their compliance department will be battered for that. Even the lowest of monkeys in the big banks have to get all manner of checks done and x number of years of references to even be allowed in the front door.

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