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Learn Java How?

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OH is a c++ person but wants to learn java

Can you recommend a decent book for him?

Ta muchly

As others have said, this is quite a personal thing.

Ivor Horton's Wrox book is quite good. He often drops in important bits and bobs which are missing from some other author's books. Make sure it is for Java 5 or later, as generics were introduced in 5 and the lead to some major changes in the way code is written. Also, if he has a choice, use Java 6 or later especially if dealing with files and network connections, as there were some leakage problems with them in later versions of Sun's Java 4 and all of Java 5.

Other things that are useful when starting out:

(1) The Eclipse IDE.

(2) The Java documentation

(3) The Java Generics FAQ. This is a massive document, but is very useful if you are new to generics. (Generics were introduced in Java 5, and look similar to C++ templates, but they are not the smae.)

These days a lot of organisations are using the Spring framework, especially for the sorts of stuff your husband seems to need Java for.

I happen to think Spring is hideous, leading to quick to build but slow, difficult to maintain code. However, every man and his dog seem to use it these days.

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Java in 21 Days then Java EE in 21 Days.

Use Netbeans + Glassfish. Their online learning trails are quite good.

Once you are starting to get the hang of it then take a look at eclipse. Its similar to Netbeans, but is good to have experience with both.

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