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Silvio Berlusconi Scandal: Not Bunga Bunga Parties But Elegant Dinners, Says 'call Girl'

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An alleged call girl who Silvio Berlusconi made payments of thousands of euros to after the announcement he was embroiled in a prostitution investigation has said he was merely helping her as she was in financial trouble.

Alessandra Sorcinelli received 10,000 euros from the prime minister's account on January 17 – four days after it emerged publicly that prosecutors in Milan were investigating the prime minister on charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of office in trying to cover it up.

The scandal has widened further with reports that police found "some very interesting photographs" of parties held by Mr Berlusconi when they raided apartments in Milan in which he allegedly installed a "harem" of starlets and call girls.

One of his favourites appears to have been Miss Sorcinelli, 26, a men's magazine model from Sardinia. Bank records obtained by Il Fatto Quotidiano show that she received 13 payments worth a total of 115,000 euros from an account linked to Mr Berlusconi between Jan 11, 2010, and Jan 17, 2011.

I'm not surprised Berlusconi liked Miss Sorcinelli in that picture at the telegraph she looks gorgeous.

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Quite what she's seeing in his picture isn't so clear cut. :D

I think we all know what she sees in him and it's not looks or personality.

Although I am beginning to think the press have got this bunga bunga thing wrong, I think it's meant to be bung her, bung her.

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