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David Davis: Cameron's Crew Out Of Touch

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David Cameron surrounded by the 'well-off'
David Cameron is head of an inner circle, including George Osborne, his Chancellor, that is predominantly “well-off” and risks becoming out of touch with a large part of the country, David Davis said on Sunday night..../
“There he was, an Essex boy, council house lad, made his own way in the world and frankly never minced words. It is said, I don’t know with what truth, that it was him that persuaded Cameron to put immigration into one of his earlier conference speeches. So, he was somebody who brought that gritty, slightly tough but necessary mindset to the Conservative leadership’s thinking.”

The people's champion? It would be interesting to know where he stands on the Government's pro-HPI policy? Does he see the ruin HPI has brought on this country?

Perception is setting in that Dave and his crew are elitist and in the pockets of the 5 families that run the City (Bankster groups).

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I like David Davis and think he would be a better for the country if he took over from David Cameron based on the various things he has kicked up a fuss about over the years.

He's definitely playing the Long Game - I never bought his stated reasons for resigning his seat as an MP, thereby forcing a by-election and excusing himself from the Front Bench.

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David Davis: Cameron's Crew Out Of Touch

Koalishon unlikely to survive next winter??

Unless Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and most of the other serving Lib Dem MPs officially leave their party and join the Conservative Party, I can't see the Torylition government lasting more than a few more months. In many local authorities, including my own, the Lib Dems are at war with the Tories, while their parliamentary brethren are acquiescing in a cuts-mad Tory government that was handed their cuts dream ticket on a plate by Gordon Brown. Edited by Hyperduck Quack Quack
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It was, arguably, one of the most memorable incidents of last year, and certainly one the key players would rather forget: involving Peter Mandelson, George Osborne, a couple of yachts, some of the planet's richest and most influential people – all set against the glistening backdrop of the Aegean.

Obviously unconcerned about the risk of tempting history to repeat itself, the two politicians again came together in 2009, again in Greece – and again surrounded by lavish floating gin palaces to mix with millionaires, billionaires and the world's elite.

Yet, while Mr Osborne noted his attendance at the Bilderberg conference in the MPs' register of interests, his co-player Mandleson, in this Greek drama's second act, has been a little coy.

The Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, who tabled questions in Parliament about the minister's attendance at the conference, said it was an "amazing coincidence" that Lord Mandelson has timed his meeting with the Greek business minister to coincide with the Bilderberg conference.

Mr Osborne sparked last year's Corfugate saga by leaking the news that Lord Mandelson "dripped pure poison" about Gordon Brown while the pair holidayed on the Greek island and on the yacht of the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

The threshold for declaring hospitality and gifts for MPs is £500, half that for peers. Mr Osborne registered the Bilderberg trip two weeks later. He refused to comment on the conference last night.

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And a lot of fairly conservative celebrities have bandied together to try and save the forests, so they're not really behind the Tory's trying to grind on with the failed ideology of Neo-Liberal Globalisation.

This is the bit that really surprises me- it's like the last few years never happened and Cameron and Co are still living in the Ayn Rand theme park with it's kindly but eccentric retainer Alan Greenspan still in charge.

I saw a piece today in the times about how the 'Big Society' is failing to materialise to replant the scorched earth- is there anyone at all, outside of the tory policy unit, who still believes, or ever believed, in the 'Big Society?

I swear to god that Cameron's primary construct of the 'man in the street' is an Eastenders/Coronation street hybrid combined with images of the Blitz in which the grubby but essentially good hearted populace gather in the pub for a rousing singalong of 'Knees up mother brown' before walking off into the sunset, arm in arm, to organise a street party.

And on the occasion of their meeting he will be heard to say ' Greetings urban man- I am David, from the planet Wealth.'

The fact that they saw a news of the world editor as their essential umbilical to the mindset of the common man speaks volumes concerning their perception of the people they aspire to govern.

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Pity he supports the death penalty......

Death is big right now around the world. Euthenasia is riding high for terminally which helps make death for the terminally dangerous a good option. Bteer the danger is removed than to have it lurk and cause more death. I always think of it as mercy killing--having mercy on future victimes. IN the case of euthensia--I am more in favour of not forcing people to live who want to unplug from life support.

David Davis might make a come back as leader of the opposition after Millipede the Elder ousts Ed the Confused. I wouldn't mind as none of them can do much anyway and just as long as Millipede the Elder dumps the Balls Creature its okay with me.

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