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What Is Your Plan?


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The separate thread “what is your plan” has inspired me to start this one (though I don’t know how far I’ll get with it). After reading the plans I am somewhat puzzled, but not that surprised. There does not seem to be a single coherent long-term financial plan in amongst numerous replies.

This may be due to the way the first post’s question was framed; “In a nutshell what is the plan you hope to execute by waiting for the market to fall? “(This also including DonnieD’s plan, who posed the question) – in so much as it implies what is your immediate plan after a HPC? If so this could explain a lot.

A lot of the replies seem to indicate that by taking advantage of a HPC that the FTB’s or STR’s etc will find, at least partial, financial freedom. I personally think you may need to do more.

What I will ask (FTB’s in particular) here is:

Have you got a long-term plan to run alongside your purchase?

Has this site’s content inspired you to invest? (Shares, pensions, ISA’s or others).

Do you not consider, apart from timing your purchase correctly, you are not much different to those who have already bought recently? (That is - you have no fall back in case of hard times). (Tell me I am wrong)!!

Will you buy the biggest / most expensive property you can, potentially forsaking other investments and/or increasing risks?

Sorry these questions are intrusive, but it would be interesting to know.

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Shares, Spredbetting, Gold, ISA.

Im +50% on my shares this year (no gearing just all longs that i chose right, about 30 trades sold at a loss once)

I intend on using my powers for self benifit in this way to fund a large deposit.

Spredbetting im new to and i must admit i dont really like it, dont like the spreds :lol: Will probably give this up soon, or just use it as a shorting mechanism.

Gold is my pension :lol:

The ISA's im doing just for a laugh.

Rest in cash.

Im going to have to make some bold moves which i dont like the thought of but i have to be ready.

I will pile it all into bricks and mortar at the right time, then start again with shares.

Ill probably end up just buying a lotus actually.

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