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The European Convention On Human Rights & Property Ownership

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Long time reader but seldom post. Thought I would throw out a question here to anyone of a legal-philosophy background who has a bit of time to help search through the

various statutes and precedent cases at the the Strasbourg Court of EU Human Rights website and freely available/downloadable legal statutes specifically relating to the convention of human rights and its subsection on the right of EU wide citizens to access/right to property ownership. This would be a great help to some of my own research, we can share hopefully some common ground.

Now, you may think this all a bit abstract but infact there have been many cases where national governments gave been brought to task over restrictive policies that deny or remove people of property rights, particularly restrictive planning legislation, failure to provide adequate market access and most famously perhaps by British ex-pats in Spain resisting land-grab and discrimination in local property markets.

The laws in the UK are set by the banking-controlled-government oligarchy. You will not beat their plans for their next stage of bigsociety-technological-feudalism-socialism by moaning about restrictive price policies on a forum or protesting on the streets. The best action is to twist their own weasel words against them. Make no mistake - just read the various papers of their quangos like chatham house and the United Nations Agenda 21 - the plan is for an end of private property ownership and depopulation by the end of this century. It is written in their own words for those willing to download and read it all. This cycle is being artificially manipulated to prop up the agenda with tax-payer's own money. And the young folk are going to not only be priced out of the market but saddled with increasing debts and taxes to ensure they never have stability or family life, to keep them always on the edge and on the go, to so utterly destroy society and culture that the banker-oligarchy can push through their brave new world with a minimum of opposition, while the bulk of folk are drowned in a sea of GM chicken-nuggets, aspertame cola, celebrity idols and Corrie/Emerdale. Don't rely on property as a pension or inheritance either - people will be sunk into ever increasing austerity debts at the just right time in the baby-boomer cycle, just as health care is taken away, so the vulture banks can swallow up people's hard won wealth into overpriced medical care and care homes that they tax and control through cronyism.

I welcome your considered input.

All the best,


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Well written post but I will pick you up on two things:

1)- If this stuff is out there to download, why not make it easier for lazy folk like me and put some links in?

2)- You say you 'seldom' post. I think that understates it somewhat, with this only being your second!

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Nice idea, I've long argued the central banks need suing for this mess.

As blobloblob said can you put the links up to said documents and for the uber lazy highlight which sections you consider support your hypothesis.

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