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It's not listed as sold, they only seem to have sold 10 (11 now) out of 58 on the list.

I did make a (silly) offer on it before auction, from the reply it would seem the owners are looking for 180k+ for it.

Humm .. It's one of those things that you look at and in the right mood all the obstacles look surmountable .. and then in the cold light of day you realize it's a modern folly .. It's just not a goer without mains power and it's too near the sea .. and I suspect that the piece of land it's on (which is pretty small for a house that size) is probably not expandable (my guess would be the neighbours would be unlikely to sell). In my "right mood" I was thinking £80,000 and then spend about the same again finishing it off and building outbuildings for the business etc etc and getting the electricity laid on ..

Then you think .. yeah you have a cheap house .. and yeah it's by the sea .. But it's plug ugly and it will flood ..

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