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Hi fellow doom-mongers :lol:

Like most on here, I keep an eye on PropertyBee. Today, I noticed this gem:


Price history:

21 January 2011

* Price changed: from '£135,000' to '£100,000'

13 September 2010

* Price changed: from '£160,000' to '£135,000' [Found by n/a]

09 July 2010

* Price changed: from '£170,000' to '£160,000'

24 March 2010

* Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]

£170K to £100K in 6 months is pretty dramatic (especially in the South-East) - I'd be pretty gutted if I'd bought one of those last year! Can anyone figure out what's going on here? Anyone know much about McCarthy & Stone?

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Has the description been the same throughout?

Sometimes on newbuilds I notice that the developers use the same listing to switch between different properties on the same development. So for example I may have started as a two or three bed and when the big drop in price happen it could have changed to 1 bed.

I'd be happy to be wrong though!

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