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He Lost His Wife, Had Two Heart Attacks, And Trashed His Shoulder...

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Did he cross the Atlantic by dinghy? Invent a cure for cancer?

Wrestle bears? Run a marathon a day for six months on his hands?


'Inspiring' Grand Designs church project led to divorce, heart attacks and shoulder injuries


The good news is that he has made approx £850-875K by refurbishing a derelict church. He just destroyed his life in the process. Still, his daughter has somewhere nice to stay when she sees him at weekends.

But what does Kevin say?

Mr McCloud said: “I've never been so divided over a project.

“On the one hand it broke my heart to see so much of the character, the integrity of this place disappear, to be replaced by some pretty hideous features and a rather clunky layout.

“On the other Hilary and Dean's commitment to this project has been inspiring.

“So whether or not you or I like what Dean has done, thanks to him this place is still here.”

Sorry for being pretty catty, but if I had a job or project that trashed that much time with family and loved ones, and nearly ruined my health, I'd tell them to stuff it.

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Didn't they have a kids with special needs (I seem to remember this is why the had the pool)?

Wasn't fond of the conversion, but you have to admire what he achieved and the price he did it for.

I miss the not so grand designs they used to cover e.g. the first house they covered (although they've done a few normalish ones lately)


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Yeah I think he did a, hence the pool in the hall...

The most interesting bit about the programme was the missus, she started out as mrs major chav in a tracksuit at the start, but by the end of the show she had changed and was haughty taughty now they had a nice place...

Daily Mail shows the progression, first pic tracksuit, at the end she was a picture sophistication, if I remember the way she spoke changed during the episode..


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The good news is that he has made approx £850-875K by refurbishing a derelict church.

He hasn't made any profit yet on it, unless he's released equity and counting that as profit. I hope the divorce settlement with his wife too into account that £850K of wealth to be tapped her way.

The structure which he bought for £12,750 in 1999 is now valued at about £1.3 million.

The Daily Mail story says he has received a number of offers but refuses to sell. Just sounds so unlikely to me. A property not being marketed, yet people approaching him with offers to buy their house. Perhaps from the coverage it got on Grand Designs. Psst just love that huge Church in Tipton Birmingham, will you take £1.3 million for it? No thanks.

What's he got to gain out of this publicity apart from maybe a small fee from the papers? The Grand Designs page shows he knows how the market can work hard against sellers when buyers and money in short supply. When market isn't being propped up by QE and very low interest rates.

Dean is clearly a man who knows how to stretch his money to get the best value. He managed to negotiate the buying price of the church down from £25,000 to just £12,750.
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