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I have been on this forum a few months now but feel like that newcomers that haven't got a lot of time but want to take an interest in what is going on now, understand why we are where we are and try to prepare for what could be approaching down the road have a lot of posts and arguments to wade through to get decent reading material to educate themselves.

This thread is my attempt to help these people and us all by creating a centralised reading / viewing list (maybe a sticky further down the line?) people can dip in and out as and when they have the time.

I will kick things off with the following book I was recently recommend that can be downloaded for free in pdf form below about the history of banking and why fractional reserve banking is a fraud (originally published 1983)

History of Money / Banking

  • Murray Rothbard's The Mystery of Banking - This book is an important (definitive?) work on fractional reserve banking (what we have today) and shows how the process of us making deposits and banks lending money is based on fraud.
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