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Kicking off in Ireland -=General election called- merged threads

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Which way did she vote in the no confidence thingy?

Mary Harney didn't have a vote - as she is an independent MP. She used to lead the Progressive Democrats who were Fianna Fail's main coalition partner over the last 15 years during the Celtic tiger boom and bust. They were wound up as a party two years ago when they only retained 2 seats at the last Irish election. Hopefully Fianna Fail will follow them into electoral oblivion in March.

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If there's any justice, Fianna Failure will get wiped out as a political force.

However, I wouldn't underestimate the capacity of the Irish electorate to vote for proven crooks and fraudsters so FF will probably do badly but hang in there as the main opposition and get back in once the goldfish-like memory of the electorate has faded in about 4 years.

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So who's going to default first, Ireland or Greece?

This must tilt it slightly in favour of Ireland I'd have thought.

yeah, i would say ireland for sure, they seem to heading for a moment of clarity as was expressed/implemented in the icelandic political upheaval post collapse.

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This is massive

now they can vote in some real change like the US and UK

A bit late to reverse the 'bailout' though. It's just that now their creditors are the EU and IMF instead of private banks. More consequences (for the country) in defaulting. Plus of course they were forced to use their existing cash pile (borrowed earlier to get the country through early 2011) and a chunk of the national pension fund before drawing on the so-called 'bailout' funds so that money is gone.

In short, the sad circus of the Irish 'leadership' has completely sold the state down the river and left anyone competent who might succeed them (probably nothing to worry about there, given the standard of Irish politics) a near impossible task to rescue the situation. Still, they will have nice sinecures in Brussels/ investment banks in return for a job well done and a fat ministerial pension in the bag so they're all right, Paddy.

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Given that the PR system in Ireland can give strange results, I mean I have not met anyone who admitted to voting for the Greens yet they are in government, I wonder if Ireland might go from the frying pan to the fire with a coalition of Labour, Seinn Fein and the Greens.:rolleyes:

I'm only half joking, I've heard otherwise rational people talk about voting Labour and apparently Seinn Fein are supported by about 10% of the population.

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