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Recently I've been looking for houses to buy in the SW, where I'm from, but recently saw a couple of programs on the Isle of Wight and thought it would be a fantastic place to live for someone like me who loves the outdoors, great scenery and a little bit of isolation.

Was wondering if anyone from that area could confirm/deny this and suggest a couple of decent places to have a nose around. Would rather somewhere villagy or small towny if possible, but within easy transport of at least one large town.

Also, what are HP's doing there at the moment?

Any info gratefully received.

Edit - Wrong Isle!

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Sorry, that should have been IOW, I'll correct the main post!

When I say 'large town' I'm talking anything bigger than a village! Bear in mind I'm from the Cotswolds so Stroud and Chelts are big as far as I'm concerned.

The fact it has no large, large towns would be a bonus.

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Newport is the only thing remotely close to a town - it has a Lidls now & sainsburys & tescos both do home deliveries


I like Shanklin as its south of the island - about 20 mins from newport, sadly its pier was washed away in a storm about 10 yrs ago. theres also a really beautiful coastal road along the south of the island towards blackgang & then west to alum bay.

alternatively the north of the isle is closer to newport & still fabulous views across the solent! If you get a house in Cowes you can rent it out for a fortune during Cowes week! just bear in mind the roads are not that great

And as Chrismar says, for a big shop & decent department stores, jump on a ferry/hovercraft & head to Portsmouth!

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Really, not having any big shops or any large amount of people would be just dandy.

Just spent a bit of time looking at Pembridge, Sandown, Shaklin and Ventnor. It must be the highest concentration of bungalows in the UK! Having said that, looks like some really nice houses and having googled some images of the area.... Just awesome!

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If the ferry cost is the only downside, life can't be too bad!

Due to be back in the UK about Easter time so may take a weekend out and visit, get a feel for the place. Mayeb register with a couple of local agents as well. There is only so much you can see from Rightmove..

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Yep teddybear sadly there is not much work on island a bit of tourism in summer and a while back a few industrial eng firms but sadly most gone now.

There is a small hospital butanything major is referred to pompy or soton. Oh. And a large prison

As for tinternet ... Wifi exists in marina at cowes whhchwe use but as for residential wired into home stuff I got no idea on speeds etc

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