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Also Including A Brand New Fiat 500

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I have seen so many cheeky worthless gifts being given away with homes, as crap as a box of chocolates and Jelly babies even. The fact of the matter is, there are still morons out there who fall for that kind of bait (some but not many) so the schemes keep running.

Selling an overpriced house in this market is a little like fishing for the greater fool. You just hope to dangle out a worm hoping someone will bite. Most sellers right now are nowhere near desperate and are just being opportunistic.

We are still too early in the crash to see any real bargains.

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The most expensive fiat 500 is £12k

Not if you get the open topped one with leather and extras.

I, OTOH, drive (when I have to) a Fiat Panda - the true frugalista's auto.

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This house was on at £650,000, but today the price increased to £665,000 because it now includes a brand new Fiat 500! Deperate measures?


How ridiculous - I'd be banging my head on the desk if a vendor suggested that :blink:

Edit* It's also clearly not brand new because it's already had one owner!

Edit 2 Also more than likely the description will be in breach of the Property Misdescriptions Act. View it and if its not straight from a dealer you could have a claim under the act :ph34r:

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