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Was just reading the BBC: Rising Prices - Your stories and noticed that the BBC mods must be asleep at the wheel:

Basically if you have a place to stay in the UK i.e. property you are "sorted". There is still only one main financial problem in the UK and it's the price of a house. In the UK you can save up for almost anything you want and buy and it, the problem only arises when you need to find a place to put it. When it comes to a house you have to pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds for a square of dirt that has been there for five billion years. So, no I am not worried too much about prices, except the price of property. It's a complete rip off in the UK. Forget tuition fees. It's rent that is the number one problem for students. At least the university does something in return for the money given to it. My advice for young people is to go to a local university to stop the fat cats getting your rent money and do not buy a house until the prices have fallen into the abyss. John Michael, Cupar, Fife, Scotland

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