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Rightmove Tomorrow Morning Rics Tuesday

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Anyone care to predict? Rightmove I'll just say positive after a 3% December drop. Could be anything really though. The January survey will include the last 3 weeks of December (SNOW!) and the first week of January.

Then RICS Tuseday morning. Going by what the NAEA said the other day about a very poor December this should drop further after a little jump in the previous survey.

FF forecasting a slight increase from -44% to -43%

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Thats last month unfortunatly. Another 3% down would be quite impressive. I'm expecting a slight rebound.

That was my initial thought too given we've had two consecutive 3% drops. But then again, can't see anyone other than pretty motivated sellers coming to market in december and don't think the kiteflyers will register until next month. Down circa 2%?

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Spring bounce mentality - that first week of Jan will skew asking price numbers upwards. Watch out for this in the next set of data too.

Been tracking a few around my way and one near the top of my list just dropped £25,000 k (£250 to £225).

Much has been on the market since September and no interest which is causing sellers to get scared--the newspapers are so full of gloom I doubt anyone outside London will be asking more.

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Stock levels around my way (Suffolk) are still falling and agents are taking out big adverts begging prospective sellers to step forward for valuations. It doesn't take a genius to work out where this is heading.

Stock levels are back on the up in Essex. there are still more properties on the Market now than there were last in summer last year!

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