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This Could Be The Winter Our Luck Runs Out.

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Luck? Who needs luck where the energy supply is concerned we need another rate cut so that we can consume more energy NOW!



By Martin Fricker

BRITAIN could face power cuts and travel chaos this winter amid record low temperatures and heavy snow.

The Met Office has sent a severe weather warning to energy firms, predicting "significantly colder than average" December and January.

The Met Office said that, after a run of fairly mild winters, there were fears that a long cold snap will see demand for gas and electricity outstrip supply.

Paul Noon, leader of energy industry union Prospect, said: "This could be the winter our luck runs out.

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Looks like they are expecting a winter like 1962, began in December through to late March, boy was that miserable.

Many people could not get to work, loss of pay was the norm for absenteeism.

Today a large majority of workers travel by car to their employment, not so in 1962 as then most worked within good public transport areas. Some may be lucky to work from home for a short period due to today`s technology, but for others financal hardship will be the norm.

Hence the old saying of my generation " always put a bit away for that rainy day".


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Horse chestnuts round here have been stripped bare by squirrels, first time I've ever seen that.

Sometimes the forecasters are right, sometimes. B)

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Exactly what I was going to say. Me thinks some scare-mongering is afoot.

yes there is some big spin being applied here....the story was given to media by Prospect trade union...who represent nuclear power workers, and are unhappy that Nuke power stations may be mothballed and feel that we should be commisioning more right now to prevent future problems....Prospect are using a two month old seasonal forecast which gets delivered routinely to major utilities to hype up the dangers of a very cold winter ( I believe a worst case scenario would be still clear cold weather across most of UK for a couple of weeks on top of pre-existing snowfall).

Met Office cheerfuly admit their seasonal forecasts are a little better than a flip of the coin...they can predict a warmer or colder than average season about 60% of the time ( a flip of the coin gets it right 50% of the time)....however the computer model/technique used by the Met Office is poor at getting the MAGNITUDE of the warmer/colder bias right.

This is a scare storey which originates with a big vested interest in the power industry - ie a trade union.


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