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Trevor Werewolf

Sudbury/foxearth/clare/bury St Edmunds?

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This is my first post. I found the site by accident, but am really encouraged by the content of the majority of posts.

I currently live in rural South Western Australia. Contarary to popular belief, WA is still going through a massive boom, prices in my area are up 22% in the past 12 months and still rising!!

Traditionally, prices in the West rise after the East coast, so maybe a bust will be on it's way here too. Having said that, I've recently spent some time in Melbourne and couldn't see any indication of prices lowering. In fact some area's like Mount Eliza, Mornington and Frankston have witnessed massive price rises within the last six months.

I'm planning on returning to the UK in April and want to relocate in Suffolk, preferably Sudbury, Long Melford or one of the surrounding areas. I've been checking these areas through Rightmove, and there doesn't seem to be any substantial changes within the last six months.

In fact, I'm really appalled by the prices! I saw a two bedroomed bungalow in Sudbury, that looked like it had either been specifically designed for an Ugly House Competition or was a badly converted 1950's garage for 220K!!! That's over $500,000 Aussie Dollars! You could (if you wanted!) buy 50 acres of bushland, with a five bedroomed house for less than that....and people are up in arms about the prices over here!

The FTB has virtually disappeared in WA. The average local wage is around $32,000 (around 14K) and most decent starter homes begin at around $250,000. I haven't been able to buy a house over here, but it seems that it's more difficult for people to lie about their income and take on a huge mortgage as the industry (like most things in Australia!) is very well policed and regulated. If an EA was found to be unscrupulous (ie advising clients to lie about there income) they would be struck off and would NEVER be allowed to work within the industry again. Why on earth can't there be a similiar code of conduct in the UK? I have a natural dislike for EA's but, all the ones I've met over here have been extremely knowledgable, helpful and appear to have a genuine interest in the client, as opposed to the SOS in the UK.

You have to train for three months to be an EA in Australia and pay for the training course out of your own pocket - around $1000. Also, most jobs have no basic wage and are commision only. So maybe this helps to set a precedent for the type of person coming into the profession.

Anyway, if anyone's got any news on the Suffolk area I'd love to hear it. I'm currently treading water over here and am looking forward to coming home, but I want to be able to buy a reasonable house at a reasonable price, not get stuck with an eyesore, just for the sake of owning a property!

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