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Is This Cartoon Funny?


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Whilst reading The Daily Mail website I came across this cartoon which I happened to find quite amusing. However, upon reading the comments section, I was shocked to find that most of the readers disagree as they believe it is sick and that it encourages animal cruelty. Am I missing something here? Are people really going to go and put their pets in the oven after viewing this cartoon?



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Don't know why the dog's smiling.. who does he think will be Sunday roast? :D

The cat is a HPCer. Mum and dad are our political masters. The children are the general public. The dog is a mewed out BTLer who's "done well" over the past 10 years.

I thought the cartoon was mildly amusing...perhaps quite funny if the irony of the dog salivating is taken into consideration. The Wood's household loves cats and loathes animal abusers - much discussion of lynching and worse. However, we often threaten our self basting Mau with the oven if she doesn't stop stuffing herself. People need to stop taking the world so literally.

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I didnt think it was funny because I can see how many people will be struggling.

The cat was irrelevant imo and anyone on about animal cruelty because of that cartoon needs a good hard kick in the nuts to give them a reality check.

Exactly - millions of Asians/Koreans tuck in to a steaming pet roast every weekend! :rolleyes:

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